Youngstown State University Tennis Center

New Home for Penguins Tennis Gets an IT Upgrade

Youngstown State University is a small, public, student-centered institution founded in Youngstown, Ohio in 1908 committed to the education, development, well-being and success of students of all ages and walks of life. In 2018, the University built a new $4-million home for its men’s and women’s tennis teams. The indoor Tennis Center for the Youngstown Penguins houses six tennis courts, restrooms and locker rooms.

With a budget for approximately $2 million, Level-1 Global Solutions and BCL IT Consulting Joint Venture (Level-1+BCL JV) delivered the IT, wireless, A/V and Security design for the Tennis Center renovation/expansion through the Construction Management At Risk (CMR) method, an innovative approach to construction project delivery that involves working during the initial planning/pre-construction phases within a defined schedule at a fixed price. This makes it possible to assess and meet project specifications and requirements prior to bid rather than right before construction begins.

Level-1+BCL JV worked closely with the University to identify their specific needs and provided IT Infrastructure and A/V equipment solutions, incorporating customized design elements to meet the needs of the multi-use spaces for staff and student athletes. Level-1+BCL JV also conferred with the University’s IT department on the locations of the tech closets, relocated the data center off-site and connected temporary spaces to the existing network. The project was completed with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software in collaboration with the architect.

Level-1+BCL JV’s design solution offers high density, high capacity wireless coverage and IT infrastructure to support the new seating’s IT usage for the next 10 years and A/V to meet the Tennis Center’s current and future needs. 

BCL IT Consulting, a certified women business enterprise, is Cincinnati’s top IT and security designer with 25 years of experience creating environments that are optimized for the future.

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