Intelligent Transportation Systems

Our wireless technology design and network infrastructures enable uninterrupted, seamless operation and congestion management. 

Continuous. Connected. Intelligent.

Intelligent transportation systems require the right information technology infrastructure to move people and goods through congested spaces. When wireless technology and real-time data systems are integrated through smart design engineering, rail, flight, and traffic transportation system providers are empowered to make more informed decisions. From observing and analyzing real-time data, connected hardware and vehicles, or customer-based applications, Level-1 empowers decision makers with faster access to critical information.

From coordinating with local and state governments on smarter Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PSE) packages, to enabling some of the world’s largest aviation providers with mission-critical flight operations and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), our enterprise systems experience creates infrastructures to support long-term objectives and day-to-day function seamlessly.