Clean Energy

Smart storage, power protection and environmental controls, we understand the specialized equipment, environmental conditions and infrastructure requirements that create solutions for renewables expansion.

Efficient. Sustainable. Intelligent.

The evolution of the 21st-century smart grid requires smarter planning. Handling intermittency across renewable resources means the right comprehensive storage strategy. We are adept at uninterruptible power protection and generator backup designed with electrical systems to provide continuous conditioned power built to thwart common threats to utility outages, ensuring power is transferred instantly to alternative sources. Providing a seamless flow of power to a station’s mission-critical systems, means distributed technology solutions with built-in power protection, environmental sensors, battery systems that schedule charging when utility rates are at their lowest point in a 24hr daily cycle and physical security that are the table stakes when realizing the potential of renewable energy.

 From the nation’s largest utilities, public safety facilities to the world’s largest enterprises, we have designed and developed distribution system infrastructures that ensure reliable, continuous operation of a site’s self-contained distributed technology center, equipped with sensors to capture and transmit data on critical qualities such as temperature, humidity, power consumption, and security via Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) and other protocols.