Corporate Pledge
We are committed to bringing exceptional value to every project that we are involved in and to maximizing our clients’ return on investment at every opportunity. We understand that your enterprise infrastructure is a top priority and that optimal performance is critical to business operations and business success. Technology infrastructure (electrical power, structured wiring, enclosure solutions, emergency management infrastructure and safety and surveillance solutions) is very serious work that requires up-to-date knowledge of advances in technology that leaders in the public and private sectors rely on to compete and meet expectations. Our talented team of consultants, engineers and project managers take pride in delivering the best solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. At Level-1, we are fond of saying that we strive to be “the best subcontractor for technology infrastructure solutions” that we can be, every day. Our professionals perform their duties with transparency, due diligence and in strict adherence to industry standards and government codes and certifications.  We are governed by a core set of values that set us apart from our competitors. These values are the drivers and key influencers that enable Level-1 professionals to consistently deliver technology infrastructure solutions that optimize performance, usage and productivity, and also meet their specific design intent.

Independent broker
Level-1 has access to various industry vendors and manufacturers of technological equipment, enabling us to act as a procurement agent when the solution is in the client’s best interest. However, we are not beholden to any of these companies and are committed to designing and implementing the best solution and applying our knowledge and expertise in ways that optimize performance, usage, and customer satisfaction. We act independently so our clients can rest assured the solutions we advise, design, or install will be in line with their organizations culture, structure, business processes and strategic goals.

Corporate stewardship
We believe that corporations have an obligation to give back to the they serve through charitable donations and commitments of time and other valuable resources. Level-1 contributes to local and national charities, and disaster relief efforts, and actively supports IT technology education in public schools. In accordance with that commitment, our executives also have committed time to youth and educational programs in underserved communities.

Great people
Our certified professionals are experienced in every aspect of infrastructure planning, design, functional testing, procurement and implementation. Each member of our team earned their place because of their superior professional knowledge, skill, and integrity. Our people are versed in federal, state, and local code compliance, and best industry practices and standards. Best of all, they are great listeners who take time to understand our clients’ unique challenges and to help them identify opportunities to optimize performance of their enterprise infrastructure.  At Level-1, we are an equal opportunity technology services firm. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or physical disability, and we are in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates and guidelines.

Client focused, client driven
Every organization has its own unique challenges as it relates to infrastructure. For some, the age of the property they occupy can cause problems when trying to integrate new technologies. For others, disparate radio frequencies may hamper communications between first responders in emergency situations.  Each institution’s infrastructure needs are unique. At Level-1, we start every job by listening closely to what matters to our clients, where they feel their technology comes up short, and concerns about going over budget and meeting bottom-line expectations of organizational leaders. That is why we involve our customers in the early stages of an engagement to familiarize ourselves with their special needs and address their individual challenges.

Respect and client valuation
Before we do anything, we listen. We understand that technology infrastructure is not one size fits all. We customize our solutions to ensure that they are aligned with our customers’ overall objectives.

We work together with architects, engineering professionals, general contractors, interior designers, commercial real estate professionals, facility managers and other technology professionals to ensure the best and highest usage of the recommended technology, code compliance and to remain current with municipal and regional building, electrical, fire protection and life safety standards.

We maintain an extensive library of proven modular solutions to jump-start projects and reduce the time it takes to complete them. This tried and true method called Total Lifecycle Project Management™ provides us with a predictable, risk-averse industry standard to achieve optimal results.

In the IT world, indecisiveness can cost time and money. We understand our clients may be working within budget constraints and cannot afford to have their systems down not even for a moment. So, we are committed to working diligently and speedily to find the best technology infrastructure solution to meet our clients’ mission-critical objectives.